Our Collective of Performing Artists and Technologist Are Reaching Out To Inspire You

with Epic, Heart Felt "Live" Performances

Kenya Crawford.jpg

Kenya Crawford - Ft. Worth

Singer / Song Writer

"Let go of fear, and be present in BOLDNESS"

Carlos Guedes - Dallas

Upbeat Harpist / High Energy Instrumental Music / Author / Recording Artist / Music Producer

"Music, the universal language, touches hearts, feeds the soul and heals. Sharing the gift gotten from the Master of Creation"


Rene D. Rodriguez - Dallas

Producer - Live Events

Writer, Designer, Technologist


"Live Events should be Produced with a sense of Style and Creativity"

cryste desheilds.jpg

Cryste Deshields - Dallas

Former NBC Account Manager specializing in sales, marketing, and promotions.

Photojournalist Charity/Arts

Music feeds my spirit and helping others feeds my soul. When given the opportunity for both to come together, I know I’m in the right place! 

Javier Ruiz - L.A.

Director of Photography



"Depth of Field is more than a Camera setting, it is a Commitment to Creating Imagery that Inspires the Imagination"

Nathan Coates - Dallas

Light Designer


"I'm the design and mood of the stage, my lights bring thought and character which complement the act with my imagination as the limit"

Otis Tarkington - Dallas

Artist / Songwriter

Music Producer

Promoter, City of Desoto Arts  

"In life, you only get one shot to get it right"  

Brian Pounds - Houston

Artist / Songwriter / Producer

"The Voice" Team Blake

National Performing Artist

"Leaning into the mic, I say "this is my favorite song I've ever written"

Mutual Groove - Nashville

Mutual Groove - Nashville


High Energy 

Funkadelia / Soul

"Grow The Groovement"  

Austin Michael - Van Alstyne

Singer / Songwriter

American Idol

EPK Music

“Country Cred”

On The Levee - Dallas

Design District

Studio / Ballroom

 "Modern. Flexible. Elegance."  

Santosh Abraham - Dallas

Web Stream Developer

Live Stream


" Life is a never-ending stream of problems that must be confronted, surmounted, and/or solved"

Chris Arnold - Dallas

Inclusion Ambassador & Game Night Emcee at Dallas Mavericks 

Sports Radio Talk Show Host 105.3The Fan

"All That and a Bag of Chips"  

Spelile Rivas - Dallas

Creative Writer

Government Agency

"Connect with the Arts - Sucuumb to the Soft Embrace Transforming your Soul . . ""

LeQuebe - Dallas

An American Band with a French Name

"There are many Cubes, but there is only one LeQube"

High Tower - Dallas

Texi-Cali band peppered with the influences of Surf, Country and Rock

"With all of the 'sound alike' and 'made for the single' artists out there, Hightower is a refreshing sound with a promising future ahead"

Zach Person - Dallasas

An American Idol 

indie rock, blues, and electronica

"You've got your own style"

LaLa J - Dallas

Tina Turner Tribute

Singer / Vocal Coach

Team Erika Badu


Deanna Wheeler - Dallas

Singer / Songwriter


"There’s no missin’ that fire when she crosses your path"

Southern Brave

southern rock and red dirt

"Red Dirt rough necks from NTX"  

Beth James Band

Indie Folk

“Masters of indie folk.”

Deno Marquee





Fusion DJ Experience

“The Earth Spins and So Do We”

Shawn Fussell

Alternative, Country,

Southern Rock, Rock

"Take care of the business, and the business will take care of you"

Steve Jackson

Old School 

with a Twist


Elaina Kay
Texas Singer / Songwriter

"If one of my songs could get someone to that other side, like it has for me, that’d be the coolest thing.”

Rob Holbert Group



"Sharing the stage with a cavalcade of stars"

Lockeland - Nashville

Straight Up Contemporary Country

"Til The Cows Come Home


A Soulful Voice

and Infectious Smile

"Heartfelt stories about love, loss, hope, perseverance, and triumph in the face of adversity"

Indie-Pop Artist 

"I write songs that sound deep but are actually about my cats"